Gitbook with R Markdown

Building Gitbook

The buildGitbook function create a Gitbook from your source files.

> buildGitbook()

The parameters for the buildGitbook function are:

  • source.dir (default is getwd()) - The directory containing your Gitbook source files.
  • out.dir (default is the _book directory in the current working directory) - The directory where your Gitbook will be built.
  • theme (default is the MathJax theme) - The path to the Gitbook theme that should be used. The Rgitbook includes a theme that adds support for MathJax.
  • buildRmd (default is TRUE) - Should the R Markdown files be built first.
  • format - The format of the generated Gitbook. Options include pdf and ebook.
  • title - The title of your Gitbook.
  • intro - The introduction of your Gitbook.
  • github - Your Github root address.
  • ... - Other parameters passed to buildRmd.