Gitbook with R Markdown

Building Gitbooks

Now that your Gitbook project is setup, you can edit the .Rmd files with your content. The Rgitbook package adds two important features: The ability to include R code directly in your documents and support for MathJax. RStudio has an excellent tutorial on using R Markdown on their website at However, the basic format is:

```{r label, options}
# R code

The full list of options that alter how the R markdown chunck is processed and displayed is avaiable here:

MathJax is a JavaScript library that allows for embedding LaTeX style formulas in HTML, for example \( a^2 + b^2 = c^2 \).

$${ e }^{ i\pi }+1=0$$

For inline equations, use surround the equation with \\( and \\). For equations on their own line, the typical LaTeX formatting applies by surround the equation between $$. If you are new to LaTeX equations, the Daum Equation Editor for Google Chrome or Mac OS X provides a nice user interface for designing equations.

Building Gitbooks is a two step processes. First, R Markdown files must be converted to plain Markdown files and second, the Markdown files be converted to a Gitbook (either HTML, PDF, or eBook). The next two sections outline the functions and options for building.