Gitbook with R Markdown

Checking the Installed Version of Gitbook is under active development. The gitbookInfo function will indicate whether a new version of Gitbook is available.

> gitbookInfo()
gitbook is up-to-date with version 0.4.6

If a new version is available, the installGitbook function will install the latest version.

> installGitbook()

Additionally, the checkForGitbook function will also indicate whether Gitbook is installed and available but will not check the Node Package Modules website for the currently available version.

> checkForGitbook()
gitbook is installed and available

The quiet parameter will not print any messages. The function returns a logical indicating whether Gitbook is available or not. This may be useful if you are automating your Gitbook development.

> isAvailable <- checkForGitbook(quiet = TRUE)
> isAvailable
[1] TRUE