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Who is Jason and what is this site about?

Welcome to my website. This is a place for me to share projects I have been evolved with. A little about me… I earned my doctorate at the University at Albany in Educational Psychology and Methodology. You can find my dissertation on Github. I have a strong interest in R, reproducible research, and statistics driven in part to the fact that I was a software engineer for 10 years (working mostly in Java). Currently, I am a Senior Research Analyst at Excelsior College working mostly on grant funded projects. I am the Principal Investigator on a Gates Foundation funded grant investigating the use of adaptive learning technology in introductory math and biology. I am also developing a low-stakes formative assessment for incoming college students to provide feedback about students’ strengths and weaknesses in key college skills including reading, writing, math, self-regulation, and math and test anxiety. My CV is hosted on Github at

My research interests include the charter/public school debate, math anxiety, issues related to social justice in mathematics education, and cognitive components of learning mathematics. Also, given my background in mathematics and computer science, I have a strong interest is methodological and statistical aspects of research including the use of open source software for data analysis, especially R.

I am the proud dad to Gabriel, Miles, and Rowan and husband to Heather. My wife and I also have a photography business which can be found at

The design of this website has been modified from Skeleton and is hosted on Github Pages using the Jekyll framework. See this blog post on how I use R Markdown with Jekyll.

Thanks for visiting, Jason

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