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An R package for managing document templates and versions


makeR is an R package to help manage R projects (e.g. Sweave reports, R scripts, LaTeX documents) where multiple versions are created based upon a single source repository. For example, a monthly report where each versions is identitcal with the exception of easily definable parameters (e.g. date ranges for data extraction, title, etc.). This package is not meant to assist with package development or more complex data analysis projects. For those types of projects, consider devtools or ProjectTemplate, respectively.

The makeR package can be installed from CRAN.

install.packages('makeR', repos='')

Or to install the latest development version using the devtools package, type following in R:

install_github('makeR', 'jbryer')

There are three demos that demonstrate the many of the features of the makeR package.


See also the package vignette, makeR: An R Package for Managing Document Building and Versioning

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