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Managing a Local R Repository

November 10, 2011
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I will be teaching a workshop on R and LaTeX at NEAIR in just under a month. One of the issues I will encounter is a lack of Internet access. I also work with restricted data from NCES which requires the computer to be secured including no network access. As such, I need to manage software from removable media. I have written some functions that will create a local repository, update a local repository, and install packages from the local repository. These are included as part of a new R package irutils that I am developing in support for the workshop and accompanying document/book, Introduction to R an LaTeX for Institutional Research. The irutils is being hosted on Github but the R script file can be retrieved directly here: Here are the functions available (note that the createLocalRepos function can take a long time to run as it will download approximately 2GB of data for source alone):
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