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Version 1.1 of the likert Package Released to CRAN

October 18, 2013
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After some delay, we are happy to finally get version 1.1 of the likert package on CRAN. Although labeled 1.1, this is actually the first version of the package released to CRAN. After receiving some wonderful feedback from useR! this year, we held back releasing until we implemented many of the feature suggestions. The NEWS file details most of what is in this release, but here are some highlights:

There are four demos available:

The useR! 2013 slides can be downloaded from Github as well as the abstract. More documentation is available at and be sure to request feature requests or bug reports on the Github page at


likert Plot

The package is hosted on Github at []. You can always download the latest development version using devtools.


We have already started work on version 1.2 which will include:

likert Plot with histogram

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