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Shiny App for Bayes Billiards Problem

February 21, 2016
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Consider a pool table of length one. An 8-ball is thrown such that the likelihood of its stopping point is uniform across the entire table (i.e. the table is perfectly level). The location of the 8-ball is recorded, but not known to the observer. Subsequent balls are thrown one at a time and all that is reported is whether the ball stopped to the left or right of the 8-ball. Given only this information, what is the position of the 8-ball? How does the estimate change as more balls are thrown and recorded?

Bayes Billiards Shiny App Screenshot

You can run the app from RStudio’s service at

The Shiny App is included in the IS606 package on Github and can be run, once installed, using the IS606::shiny_demo('BayesBilliards') function.

Or, run the app directly from Github using the shiny::runGitHub('IS606', 'jbryer', subdir='inst/shiny/BayesBilliards') function.

Source code is located here:

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